Serge Nubret emerged as a potent force during this period, and at

prevented us from seeing who would come out as the top champl.On.

Serge Nubret

I won six Olympia titles between 1970 and 1975, but it was not

without considerable opposition. In 1972, for example, the formida bIc Sergio gave me a battle tha t is still talked a bou watson testosterone cypionate reviews t today.

Serge Nubret emerged as a potent force during this period, and at

the 1973 Olympia he was amazing in his ability to create such

size and definition on an essentially small frame.

In 1973, a new monster came on the scene. Lou Ferrigno won

the Mr.

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Universe title and gave notice that a new force in bodybuilding was on the horizon. Lou went on to win the Universe

In 1970 Fran}{ Zane I,von the

amateur Mr. Universe and I

won the pm Mr.

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Christine Zane won

Ms . Bikini.

———————– ———————————————– 53

1970 Mr. Olympia pose down

with Sergio Oliva

1970 Mr. World

With Serge Nubret and Joe

Weider at the 1971 Olympia

SeTgio Oliva

Posedown at the 1972

Olympia with Serge Nubret

and Sergio Olivo




Joe Weider handing out

Serge Nubret

trophies to the 1973 winners

-Ken Waller, Mr. World; Lou

Ferrigno, NIT.

I’m an entrepreneur, and I believe in giving ex-felons a second chance

America; and

me, Mr. Olympia


1973 Olympia pose-off with

Serge NLlbret and Franco


The 1974 Olympia with LOLl

Ferrigno and foe Weider


The 1975 Olympia “(“lith Serge

Nubret, Ben Weider, and LOLl


I ~~) I




••——————– 59

1975 Olympia with Fran co


Fwnco Colwnbu

R 0

title again the next year and then entered the Olympia.